Sunday, June 17, 2012

CXHB ROUND 1 Kids results

Race 1 Race 2
1 Halle Stedman 1 Billy Franks
2 George Stent 2 Mitchell Heney
3 Sofia Vesty 3 Bayley Stephens
4 Harriette Davis 4 Kurtis Arlidge
5 Charlie Wiffin 5 Wesley Akeripa
6 Owen Williams 6 Jenna Tidswell
7 Georgia Davis 7 Maggie Franks
8 Tennyson Wiffin 8 Mitchell Curran
9 Ben Gouldsbrough
10 Will Tidswell
11 Karsen Vesty
12 Kiri Gouldsbrough
13 Toby Evans
14 Carter Wiffin
15 Caleb Williams
16 Zara Evans
17 Jack Albertini
18 Reuben Allen
19 Tom Allen
20 Ethan Every
21 Reid Livingston
22 Lily Stephens
23 Theo Every
24 Mat Beale
25 Barney Wardlaw
26 Keegan Jensen
27 Charlie Wenley
28 Francesca Arlidge
CXHB ROUND 1 results

A Grade
B Grade
1 Gary Hall 1 Alistair Coomer
2 Josh Page 2 Hayley Davis
3 Angus Findlay 3 Mirko Zatezalo
4 Vaughn Phillipson 4 David Barclay
5 Winston Briggs 5 Carl McParland
6 Ben Ross 6 Allister Beets
7 Andrew (teflon)Townsend 7 Bill Barker
8 Carl Paton 8 Warren Foulds
9 Andrew Barlow 9 Paul Gouldsbrough
10 Fiona McDermond 10 Mark Walker
11 Bridget Lodge 11 Brent Chamberlain
12 Wayne Harrison 12 Neil Evans
13 Nick Davies 13 Kevin Welsh
14 Dean Oliver 14 Gemma Newland
15 Nigel Page 15 John Arlidge
16 James Lochhead 16 Emma Akeripa
17 Richard Mills 17 Jonty Barker
18 Mike Garrity 18 Leanne Cotter-Arlidge
19 Kerri-anne Page 19 Cadell Heney
20 Tony Hooper 20 Mathew Krebs
21 Jamie Sinclair 21 Denys Scott
22 Tony Harding 22 Jack Nilson
23 Anna Fuhrer 23 Caleb Williams
24 Dan Warren DNF 24 Mrs Gouldsbrough
25 Paul Deuritz DNF 25 Ray Lawrence DNF

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cyclocross Hawke's Bay first race of the series was held at Blackbarn Winery, Havelock North. Held in beautiful sunny conditions, with rainfall softening up the track on Friday night, the course designers noticed a hidden creek bed covered in grass. The top layer of grass was soon removed, and this is where the "Love Channel" was found. A 20 meter section of pure sweet mud. For the roadies in the field, there was no escaping it. And surprisingly enough this is where most of the spectators choose to stand also. With 90 riders in all grade’s, the Hawkes Bay Cyclocross scene looks to be growing from strength to strength.

The free kids event attracted 40 riders, from 2 year olds up to 12 year olds. This was a awesome turnout and all having great fun on their bikes.

A grade was lead from start to finish by Gary Hall who lapped all but Josh Page, in a storming ride. Angus Findlay rode well to gain 3rd place. Findlay a top Under 19 rider in NZ rate's Cyclocross as one of the most physically demanding sports. With young riders like Angus getting into Cyclocross, NZ could see a future star on the world Cyclocross scene. 

In the B race, Auckland rider ….  Made the trip worth his while leading from the gun. .. Looked to use his past Cyclocross experience and made the tricky course to work to his liking. Local rider’s Hayley Davis and Mirko Zatezalo, duelled it out until Davis put in the final attack and left Mirko in the mud.

Results A Grade:
1.Gary Hall
2. Josh Page
3. Angus Findlay

Results B Grade:
1. Alister Coomer
2. Hayley Davis
3. Mirko Zatezalo

Next up is the Specialized National Champs to be held in Taradale. There will also be a all-comers grade open to anyone wanting to try Cyclocross and any kind of bike can be ridden.

Cyclocross Hawke's Bay would like to thank Specialized for all there help and support for our events. It’s been ideal to have a leading brand like Specialized behind the series and keen to build the Cyclocross scene in New Zealand.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wellington NZ Series Sunday 10 June

See the Wellington blog site for details for this weekends NZ series cyclocross event. 

Info on the series:

So far we have confirmed 4 riders heading south but are very keen to take more riders. Please call Andrew at 845 1492 if you are keen to make the trip down Saturday afternoon returning Sunday afternoon at the completion of the event.

Don't forget 17 June is the first Cyclocross event in the 2012 CXHB Series. Dont miss this event its the only local Cyclocross event before the National Champs and will be important for polishing the skills prior to the seasons activities.
Skills sessions will resume after the 17th June and be focused on the EIT campus Cyclocross course. These dates and time will be noted here after the first event at Blackbarn.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Entrys now open for the Specialized 2012 NZ Cyclocross Champs

Entires now open for the Specialized 2012 NZ Cyclocross Champs

Click on the following link:

For all details on the NZ cyclocross scene see

New Zealands No.1 cyclocross website.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cyclocross Training

Two training dates have been announced so to be prepared for the up coming CXHB series, NZ series  and National Champs you should make sure you do not miss these sessions.

20 May Sunday 9am EIT Carpark

3 June Sunday 9am Eit Carpark

Sessions will run for approx 2hrs including skills sessions, remount/dismount practice, race pace efforts, carrying methods etc.
We will have a set of callipers to measure your tyre width, you might be surprised with the outcome! Several CXHB riders have been checking their tyre widths recently and even though tyre manufactuerers spec at say 34mm actual calliper readings are well below the UCI legal width of 33mm.

For more any further info contact us at